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Overseas Expansion Accelerates: ZBOM Home Furnishing Opens New Store in the Philippines

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Recently, ZBOM HOME's overseas business unit has been delivering great news. On June 1st, ZBOM HOME opened its Tokyo store in Japan and Cebu store in the Philippines (hereinafter referred to as Cebu ZBOM). By opening stores in two cities on the same day, ZBOM HOME showcased the speed and strength of Chinese custom home enterprises to the world.

01 Landing Again in the Philippines

ZBOM Joins Hands with Franchisees to Empower a Better Life

Cebu ZBOM is ZBOM HOME's second showroom in the Philippines after Manila ZBOM, demonstrating meticulous consideration in location selection and franchise collaboration.

As the earliest developed city in the Philippines, Cebu boasts a long history and is known as the "Queen City of the South." It is the second largest city after Manila and a major port and economic center. Cebu ZBOM is located in the central street of Cebu's building materials market, covering an area of approximately 240 square meters, primarily focusing on kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. Surrounded by many well-known domestic and international home furnishing brands, Cebu ZBOM has laid a solid foundation for future customer acquisition.

In addition to the carefully chosen location and store site, ZBOM HOME has partnered with twin brothers Kristofer Go and Kelvin Go, who own a construction company that has been in business for over 20 years. They have managed multiple villa, hotel, and restaurant projects and have a good reputation locally.

At the opening ceremony, ZBOM Home Furnishing’s overseas representatives, partners, well-known local architects, and interior designers attended the event, witnessing the strength of the Chinese brand. During the ceremony, the partners invited the most famous Catholic priest in the area to bless Cebu ZBOM and introduced the brand history, products, and intelligent factory of ZBOM Home Furnishing to the guests, receiving unanimous praise.

02 Targeting the Southeast Asian Market

ZBOM HOME Accelerates International Layout

As early as 2014, ZBOM HOME ventured overseas, starting its global business from the United States and Australia. In recent years, ZBOM HOME has identified potential opportunities in emerging markets, further expanding into the Southeast Asian market. It has successively opened retail stores in Singapore, the Philippines, the Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries. By establishing professional and efficient service teams and constructing a comprehensive project management system, ZBOM continuously provides high-quality products and services to international customers.

In November 2023, ZBOM HOME held its 2024 Global New Product Launch and Global Strategy Release Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, officially embarking on a new journey to enter the global market. With the successful experience accumulated in the local market, combined with international service concepts and technology, ZBOM HOME will continue to upgrade its operational strategies, market techniques, and quality services. The overseas business of ZBOM HOME is expected to make steady progress, bringing better home living experiences to consumers worldwide!