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ZBOM HOME Opens its Flagship Store in Prominent Tokyo Shopping District, Shibuya

Create_time:2024-06-13 Views:96

On June 1st, ZBOM HOME, a Chinese furniture brand, officially opened its first flagship store in Tokyo's Shibuya district, Japan. The opening ceremony was attended by ZBOM HOME's executives, representatives from Design Do, the Japanese agent company, as well as several media outlets.

In recent years, with the development of global economic integration, more and more Chinese brands have actively explored overseas markets to find new growth opportunities. Japan, as the world's third-largest economy, has become an important target market for Chinese companies expanding abroad. For Chinese brands, entering the Japanese market not only means expanding their business scope but also serves as an important test of their brand strength and international competitiveness.

Mr. Xu Bangshun, the founder and president of ZBOM HOME, stated, "The opening of our first flagship store in Japan marks an important step in ZBOM HOME's global strategy and signifies the deepening cooperation between China and Japan in the home furnishing sector. By providing high-end customized home solutions, ZBOM HOME aims to bring a fresh living experience to global consumers and further enhance its brand influence in the international market."

Ms. Yoshiko Igawa, the President of Design Do and the representative of ZBOM HOME's Japanese region, expressed, "Design Do has always pursued diversity and creativity and explored various solutions for residential and commercial projects. The completion of the ZBOM Tokyo flagship store, from importation and transportation to assembly, was successfully achieved through the close collaboration between Design Do and ZBOM HOME. We believe that Japan is very meticulous in maintenance and values quality greatly, while China's advantage lies in its vast and excellent production capacity. Therefore, Design Do hopes to work together with ZBOM HOME to create beautiful custom furniture and make the lives of the Japanese people more convenient."

Since its establishment in 1998, ZBOM HOME has focused on researching, designing, manufacturing, and selling whole-house custom furniture. With the brand concept of "Better Understanding Life," ZBOM HOME is committed to providing ideal home environments for millions of families worldwide through customized design and services. In January 2022, ZBOM HOME opened its first overseas brand store in Bangkok, Thailand. Over the past few years, ZBOM HOME has accelerated its international market layout by opening retail stores in countries such as Singapore, the Philippines, the Maldives, Malaysia, and Indonesia. By establishing professional and efficient service teams and building a comprehensive project management system, ZBOM HOME continuously provides high-quality products and services to international customers.

It is worth noting that on June 1st, alongside the opening of the ZBOM Tokyo flagship store, the ZBOM Cebu store in the Philippines also opened simultaneously. The successful operation of these two flagship stores not only demonstrates the strength of ZBOM HOME but also reflects the rise of Chinese companies in the global market. ZBOM, a Chinese brand, is shared globally. In the future, ZBOM will continue to explore and meet people's needs for living spaces with more professional whole-house customization services; lead and inspire people's desires for a better quality of life through cutting-edge product design; and create more value for society through steady growth.