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ZBOM HOME Shines at Middle East Dubai Exhibition, Opening a New Chapter in International Expansion

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As the pace of globalization accelerates, the home decoration industry continues to explore new markets and opportunities. From June 4th to June 6th, the 2024 Dubai Furniture and Interior Decoration Exhibition (INDEX DUBAI 2024) was grandly held at the Dubai World Trade Center, bringing together home furnishing brands from around the world to showcase the latest achievements and innovation trends in the home furnishing industry. Among them, Chinese home furnishing brand ZBOM HOME attracted much international attention with its unique design concepts and excellent product quality, becoming a key force in Chinese brands’ international expansion and offshore layout.

Since 1991, INDEX DUBAI has been successfully held for 34 editions, becoming an important professional exhibition in the home furnishing field in the Middle East and globally, with high local maturity, significant influence, and high recognition in the international market. This year's exhibition, organized by the world-renowned exhibition company DMG EVENTS, covered an exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, bringing together top global home decoration brands and designers. The exhibition featured a wide range of products, including modern office furniture, high-end residential furniture, and outdoor leisure items, with over 500 participating brands and more than 20,000 visitors.

At the exhibition, ZBOM HOME unveiled its luxurious LIVING series, covering key products such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and TV cabinets. Through ingenious space setups and high-quality products, ZBOM HOME created a home living experience gallery filled with a sense of life and art. With innovative and personalized product designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and excellent spatial control, the ZBOM HOME booth attracted many visitors and inquiries, with a constant stream of people on-site.

In addition to space and product displays, ZBOM HOME also engaged visitors through a series of interactive activities, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the brand's development history and cultural connotation. The on-site staff enthusiastically introduced the features and advantages of the products to the visitors, providing professional home design advice and solutions, making the visitors feel ZBOM HOME's professionalism and dedication.

Although this INDEX DUBAI exhibition marked ZBOM HOME’s debut in the Middle East, the company had already begun exploring the Middle Eastern market earlier this year, successfully opening a flagship store in downtown Kuwait to serve Middle Eastern consumers. As a leader in whole-house customization, ZBOM HOME began its global layout in 2014, relying on the domestic market and focusing on the international market. Through integrated customization design and services, it provides comfortable and high-quality home living experiences to consumers worldwide.

As globalization deepens, more and more Chinese brands are stepping onto the world stage, with ZBOM HOME standing out among them. By participating in international exhibitions and expanding into overseas markets, ZBOM HOME not only enhances its brand influence and competitiveness but also lays a solid foundation for its sustainable development in the global market. It also showcases the strength of Chinese brands on the world stage, providing more exemplary cases for the exploration of the Chinese home furnishing industry’s international expansion.

In the future, ZBOM HOME will continue to adhere to the brand philosophy of "Understanding Life Better," actively participate in international exchanges and cooperation, and continuously launch high-quality products and services that meet international market demands. It aims to provide a more comfortable and beautiful home living experience for global consumers and contribute more wisdom and strength to the internationalization process of China's home furnishing industry!