ZBOM acquires 47% of the shares of IJF Australia.

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In 2018, Zhibang household acquired 47% equity of IJF Australia through equity transfer.

It is reported that IJF Australia is an Australian kitchen cabinet manufacturer with 54 years of professional management experience. Its main business scope includes kitchen cabinet, bathroom, wardrobe and other wood products. The company has many years of cooperation experience with large listed real estate developers and general contractors in Australia, and has established a good long-term cooperative relationship. After the equity transfer, Zhibang will become the largest shareholder of IJF Australia. Through this investment, Zhibang home will improve its own technology and material quality of upstream plate suppliers, expand the company's sales channels in Australia, and learn from the other company's advanced management experience.

Zhibang brand, founded in 1998, is the pioneer of Chinese kitchen cabinet industry. Now, Zhibang focuses on the R & D, production and sales of the whole house customized home. Starting from the brand concept of "better understanding of life" and taking the advantage of customized design and service, it provides the whole solution from kitchen to the whole house for hundreds of millions of families and realizes people's beautiful imagination of home. On June 30, 2017, Zhibang home was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

As a professional brand in the field of whole house customization, Zhibang home has become a customized home furnishing enterprise integrating integrated kitchen, whole house customization, wooden door and wallboard, and finished furniture. Its sales channels are divided into franchise, direct business, and bulk business at home and abroad. The introduction of foreign intelligent manufacturing equipment, integration of high-quality supply chain, to ensure that products from design, production, installation to service in every aspect of the human scale, life as the core, for the global family to create the ideal home goods.