The company signed contract with Ms. Guo Jingjing as image representative of the brand.

The strategic cooperative partnership with CCTV-3 and Alibaba Company was established.

Shuangdun Factory was built and put into production, and became one of the scale-level cabinets manufacture bases, which were few in number in China.

In the same year, it pushed out “ZBOM whole house customization” products, and started the customized big home strategy.


A younger brand IK was launched.

The brand advertisement landed “the crossroads of the world”—New York Times Plaza.

A contract was signed with Lang Ping, general coach of Chinese women’s volleyball team, and many other Olympic champions as the brand honored guests, and the products were chosen for use and affirmed by them.

Eiko Yamashita, the founder of life philosophy “Clean Break”, was signed as chief life consultant.

The company signed contracts with Greenland, Landsea, BRC and other real estate developers, and became one of their strategic suppliers.


Cai Kangyong and Chen Xiaochun and other celebrities were signed as the brand’s honored guests.

The company won the honorary title of “New High-Tech Enterprise” once again.

The new production base which produced 200,000 kitchen cabinets and 120,000 customized wardrobes was formally put into production.

The company logged in A shares and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (the stock is referred to as “ZBOM shares”, and the stock code “603801”).


Famous actor Yang Shuo, Olympic champion Sun Yang and New-Power singer Wu Mochou were signed as the brand honored guests.

“ZBOM Wooden Door” products were launched.

The company purchased 47% stock ownership of IJF Australia.

The company’s registered name was changed from “ZBOM Cabinets Co., Ltd.” to “ZBOM Home Collection Co., Ltd.”, referred to as “ZBOM Home”.


Zhou Jielun was signed as new image representative with a new round of brand upgrading.

The company signed with 3M, Bosch, Noritz, the three imported electric appliance brands, and started global brand strategic cooperation.

America sales subsidiary was established.

Guangzhou branch office was established.


The company donated 2 million Yuan to Wuhan to support epidemic prevention and control.

Nearly 1000 employees supported the front line, and tided over the difficulties together with the franchisees.

The genuine anti-counterfeiting query system was implemented, comprehensively guaranteeing the rights and interests of users.

Xiatang Industrial Park was fully put into production.

The company won top ten competitive brands of China’s real estate suppliers in 2020.

The book Get along well with Home was published, setting up the benchmark of customized home design.