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ZBOM Home, founded in 1998, entered the international market in 2014 and went public on the A-share market of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2017. Currently, guided by the brand concept of "Understanding Life Better," ZBOM Home excels in customized design and services for one-stop home solution. It provides comprehensive home solutions from kitchens to entire homes for millions of families worldwide. With over 4,000 stores globally, more than 5,000 employees, annual sales exceeding 5 billion RMB, and a market value exceeding 10 billion RMB, ZBOM Home is committed to becoming a top-tier and globally leading home furnishing enterprise in China, realizing people's ideal vision of a beautiful home.

ZBOM is a company dedicated to providing global consumers with one-stop home solutions. We specialize in integrated design, manufacturing, and delivery of whole-house solutions, focusing on customized kitchens, whole house customization,wooden door and wall panel, and finished home accessories. Our goal is to offer a convenient one-stop shopping experience. Our product styles cover modern, classic, oriental, and light luxury, catering to the diverse needs of consumers.

With seven intelligent production bases and a team of hundreds of research and development designers, we are committed to enhancing production efficiency and product quality. We hold international FSC certification to ensure environmentally friendly, healthy, and safe products. Our brand concept "HOME+" represents our comprehensive control over quality and our commitment to providing consumers with a better life.

Since going public, our market value has exceeded billions, and we have served over 2 million households worldwide. Our business spans across five continents and more than ten countries and regions. We collaborate with top-tier suppliers to offer high-quality home products. ZBOM is a globally oriented enterprise with a vision, and we will continue to provide better home solutions for global consumers, allowing every family to create an ideal living environment.