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Two originators contributed 80000 Yuan to found ZBOM in Hefei.

The first direct-sale store was opened (Tongcheng Road)


ZBOM entered Nanjing, and the prelude of strategy of “developing in East China and laying out the whole country” was officially launched.

The production base was moved into Hefei Luyang Industrial Park, and passed the certification of Three Standards in One.

ZBOM had an in-depth study of the specific kitchen environment of Chinese families, and, starting from the real kitchen life of consumers, promoted the development of “portraying kitchen”, ensuring that consumers will get what they see.

ZBOM launched the “smile action” for the first time to serve thousands of households.

“Aegean Sea” and “Milan Impression” products were invited to participate in the award granting ceremony of Chinese cabinet design.


The number of franchisees broke through one hundred, and sales amount was over 100 million.

The products passed China Environment Mark Certification and opened the new era of family environment protection in China.

“ZBOM Cabinet” mark was used, and global brand promotion was carried out with the main stream media led by CCTV-1. The own brand ZBOM kitchen electric appliance was launched.