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IBS 2019, Las Vegas.

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Zhibang home furnishing appeared in the American IBS International Building Materials Exhibition in 2019, and its products of "more simple European style cabinets and both quality and price" are welcomed by the majority of consumers. As an important Chinese enterprise participating in the exhibition, Zhibang home has displayed 11 sets of new kitchen and bathroom products, including X-life, Aurora, carpi, Magellan and so on. The exhibits are all modern and simple style, showing its deep customization strength for consumers.

Zhibang home has a professional production base covering a total area of 691 mu, an intelligent production line of 400000 square meters, a full set of German HOMAG automatic intelligent numerical control equipment, and an information-based intelligent production system of "entry process processing inspection packaging delivery". It has strong delivery ability and mature foreign engineering and wholesale and retail business ability. Each set of Zhibang products can be customized according to the needs of customers, and the ingenious use of ergonomics greatly improves the convenience of consumers' home life.     In 2018, Zhibang home will transform from kitchen customization to large-scale customization to further develop overseas markets. At present, the business scope of Zhibang home appliances in the United States continues to expand, accumulating nearly 100 projects, covering San Diego, Los Angeles, Utah, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Florida, Washington, New York and other places. Whether it's a rental apartment at market price, a high-end condo or a hotel apartment, Zhibang home's excellent products can meet the needs of customers.   To enter the U.S. market, Zhibang attaches great importance to environmental protection and material selection. In 2017, the new customized wardrobe project was started, and the environmental protection investment reached 2.6 million at one time, accounting for 0.52% of the total investment; In early 2018, we reached a strategic cooperation with hotop Yansen, a professional environmental protection and dust removal company from the Netherlands, and invested tens of millions of funds to optimize the environmental protection elements of intelligent factory.

In addition, Zhibang home has also upgraded its information technology. On December 14, 2018, Zhibang household reached a cooperation with 2020 technology company (Canada), an international well-known kitchen and cabinet single industry aided design software company, to plan a special plan for international business informatization, and lay a solid foundation for the layout of international "cabinet" business.

In 2018, in order to further develop the Australian market, Zhibang home formed equity cooperation with IJF Australia Pty. Through this strategic meeting, Zhibang home and IJF complement each other and expand the market share of Zhibang home in Australia.

"Do your best for your partner" is the cultural mission of Zhibang's overseas business. Zhibang home will be customer-oriented, with continuous iteration of high-quality design, and gradually realize the continuous upgrading from product output, brand output to cultural output, so as to bring a better home life for the majority of consumers.