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1. Product recycling service scope: ZBOM End Customers (hereinafter referred to as Customers) throughout China and Australia.

2. Recycling service: In the article, "recycling" refers to the product scrapping and recycling service proposed by customers after the end of product use. The scrapping service is a paid service. Customers have the right to choose their own recycling service units or choose our third-party recycling services.

3. When doing product recycling, it is necessary to sign a recycling agreement, clarify the relevant information of the recycling (clarify that the dismantled furniture belongs to a third-party recycling company and has the right to handle it fully), and specify the relevant costs incurred due to recycling (such as dismantling, handling, cleaning, transportation, etc., which will be charged to customers at market prices).

4. Furniture disposal:

The basic principles of furniture disposal are: pay attention to environmental protection, pay attention to resource reuse, comply with local laws and regulations, and do not discard or cause environmental pollution. Party B may choose the following treatment methods according to the above basic principles and the actual situation of the furniture:

4.1 Whole furniture, if it is still in good condition, may be donated to individuals or institutions in need (such as some educational institutions, hotels, orphanages or welfare institutions, etc.) or may be resold.

4.2 Maintenance of furniture, such as furniture damage is not very large, and have the ability to repair, can be repaired. By repairing and maintaining furniture, you can make it continue to use and reduce waste. Restored furniture can be donated and resold.

4.3 Disassemble furniture, such as furniture has been damaged or damaged, it can be disassembled and classified, such as usable hardware accessories, secondary use of the board, etc., for secondary use to reduce waste. Disassemble unusable hardware and board materials for sorting or send them to local energy recovery centers for centralized processing. Waste materials shall be disposed of in accordance with relevant regulations.

5. The third-party service companies we provided are domestic recycling companies within the scope of recycling, and comply with the laws and regulations of the corresponding countries.

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