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Entering South Asia | ZBOM Home Collection 9S showroom debuted in Maldives, a world tourist destination!

Create_time:2022-09-03 Views:2919

A few days ago, ZBOM Home has an another piece of good news, the new showroom was grandly opened in the world-famous tourist destination - Maldives. This is the first showroom of ZBOM in the South Asian market. This achievement further boosts the overseas business of the custom home furnishing industry to set sail, and provides new momentum for the high-quality development of global consumers' home furnishing level!

01 Expand the South Asian market and aim at the Maldives

The Maldives, the full name of "Republic of Maldives", is a pocket island country located on the Indian Ocean. It is one of the world-famous diving resorts, and has the reputation of being "the necklace that God casts on the world" and "the last paradise on earth in the Indian Ocean". The Maldives attracts people from all over the world because of its unique geographical location and unique natural charm and unique mysterious color.

The overseas showroom is located in Malé, the capital of Maldives, which is the national economic, political and cultural center, as well as the focal point of state-owned and private organizations. The establishment of the new showroom of ZBOM brings more kitchen cabinets and wardrobe products made in China to local consumers, providing one-stop home aesthetic solutions, and making customers' home lives more ideal and more comfortable!

The showroom is located in the store on the third floor of 20096 Ameer Ahmed Magu. The location is excellent, and there are many internationally renowned home furnishing brands. Local customers who have decoration needs for private houses, villas, hotels and resorts like to come to this store for material supplies and customized services.

On the opening day, the whole exhibition hall was rising. Everyone was very interested in the appearance, material and craftsmanship of the products, they consulted and exchanged, or carefully studied, or photographed and saved. The design of ZBOM products adopts modern simple design elements, which makes the customers and designers who are tired of heavy decoration and complicated carvings fresh.

The showroom mainly focuses on a series of products such as the Modern series, New Voice series and Woodsy Island Time series, which bring different life experiences to different consumer groups and meet the needs of people from all walks of life. Through the combination of space, modules, materials and design, a new home scene is constructed, which is a display of the owner's lifestyle and life emotions.

02Two major parts make efforts to increase overseas performance

In the expansion of overseas markets, ZBOM Home Collection has adopted the strategic measure of promoting project business and retail business at the same time to layout overseas markets through a two-wheel drive approach. In the project business, ZBOM, with its strong comprehensive strength, has successively won international high-end real estate facilities and top hotel facilities such as the Rosewood Hotel in Qatar and the Ritz-Carlton in Australia. In the retail business, ZBOM has successively completed investment promotion in Southeast Asia and South Asia this year, and has completed showrooms in central cities of many countries.

In the future, ZBOM will also complete investment promotion in the capital cities of Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar and other countries, bringing a better Chinese home furnishing experience to more international families and users.

Keep improving, keep walking! ZBOM has eternal ingenuity and makes unremitting efforts to become the world's leading brand in the customized home furnishing industry. In the future, we will continue to improve the capabilities of research and development, design, production, delivery and service, and continue to provide global cooperative enterprises and consumers with beautiful, high-standard and new experience home products.